Welcome to the adventures of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>, a World of Warcraft: Classic guild. We are a social guild focusing on helping out others.

These records are written by Gallow the Forsaken Warrior. Yet these are not merely her stories, but the stories of everyone she crosses paths with. In here you will find everything from dull moments of grueling warrior leveling to the excitement of finding that first green item; from valiantly defending the forsaken settlements to terrible forsaken humor… and ultimately the foundation of our guild, and the many adventures (and misadventures) of Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats.

Head over to Guild Info for more information on the guild, or jump straight to the Stories section. You can also find some guides and miscellaneous information on the Town Hall.

Finally, you can also subscribe and choose to get immediate, daily or weekly updates on the Stories that are posted in here.

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