#1 Humble Beginnings

I found myself at the bottom of a crypt. Barring few torches and candles, it was very dark – as you’d expect. Unexpectedly however, I could see everything clearly. I must have been down here for some time. The dry fetor was filling up the air, making it hard to breathe…

Hold on… breathe…? I… I can’t breathe.. I CAN’T BREATHE!
No.. wait.. that’s right. I can’t breathe. I don’t breathe. I’m not that person anymore. Can I even call myself that, a person?

Willow… That was her name. Long, golden hair. Pink cheeks with blue eyes. Skin soft like silk. It feels odd talking about myself in third person, yet somehow fitting. The willow trees bloom no longer. The spring an eternity away. On this day, Gallow is born.

After narrowly avoiding being burned “alive”, I head out to the nearest settlement. Deathknell, as it’s called, was overrun by the Scourge. The village sought my aid, so I ran outside looking for “fresh meat”. I did not know why.

It seemed that others were making quick work of the nearby Scourge, and my help was not all that necessary. Still, I yearned for something to do. It seemed that someone or something was forcing me to protect this settlement that I didn’t know until few moments ago. Was it thankfulness – for not being burned? I did not know. Ravenous, I looked around. Few rabid wolves and duskbats were lurking in the shadows beneath the trees. They would suffice.

After killing a few of them and collecting their parts, I was able to trade the pelts and skins for some copper, I ditched my shield and bought myself a new weapon. It felt heavy at first, but soon enough became second nature. This time I went after the Scarlet Crusade. I didn’t need any additional excuse to go after them, but apparently they were already spying on us, passing information back to somewhere called Scarlet Monastery to the far east. With the help of a Rogue, I quickly dispatched them and their leader, and recovered a piece of intelligence.

These Crusaders were not only spying on us, but they also had Vital Information on another town called Brill to the north-east. I had to warn them about this, so I left the relatively secure gates of Deathknell and made my way to Brill….

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