#2 The Town of Brill

I had finally arrived at Brill. The town clearly had seen better days; the houses were fairly old and made from wood that was all but rotten. The graves just outside stood in eerie silence as a constant reminder of the Plague, more than half unmarked. Yet the townsfolk were still adamant. Oft running patrol through the unbarricaded gloomy meadows, trying to defend Brill from its many foes; both the living and the dead.

The Magistrate of Brill, Sevren, was particularly worried about a recent Gnoll invasion from the north. These good-for-nothing creatures were coming at night and stealing the corpses from the graves. Their leader Maggot Eye was using these corpses to bolster the defenses of the Scourge!

This was low, even for the Gnoll standards. I had to make sure that the poor people of Brill were no longer tormented by this beast. Before heading out, I sorted out my inventory, and even got trained in the arts of skinning. The extra hides would come in handy when bargaining for some pieces of weapon or armor.

I also stopped by the Inn to catch some gossip. Taverns are a great place if you want to hear recent developments in their surrounding areas; even the Forsaken can get drunk and spill their guts. Now that I think about it… where do the drinks go? Anyway… This Inn – unironically called Gallow’s End – housed some regulars who were ready to talk. They even had a nurse called Neela, but no matter how hard I tried she would not train me how to bandage myself at a lower cost.

That bitch.

As I was making my way to the north, I heard a scream somewhere from the far west. Someone was surely in trouble, so I readied my sword and started running towards the sound. As I drew closer, I could make out the sounds of flame melting flesh, and the low grumbles of dying zombies. I saw a Forsaken, throwing fireballs and ice bolts and what have you at zombies from far away, but he was being surrounded. I quickly ran to his side, chopping any zombies that came in between.

Remixt the Forsaken Mage, that was his name. I learned that he was culling that farm of the mindless zombies that recently started rising from their graves. The plague had already made the soil barren and unfit for cultivation, so the last thing the people needed was a zombie infestation. Remixt shared a scroll with me; a recruitment post promising few silver coins to anyone that collected enough claws from the ravaged. I joined in his quest for zombie ravaging, and we quickly bonded.

In the tavern, I’d heard a rumor that mages could conjure food simply out of thin air. I asked Remixt if this was indeed the case. He had apparently heard about this power as well, but needed to consult with a Mage Trainer once he was a bit stronger. So I halted my quest for Gnollocide and decided to accommodate Remixt on his journey to Brill.

Once back in town, the forsaken mage sought the wisdom of his trainer, and indeed he was able to learn this power. He gave me some muffins that he just created. I know I had been dead at this point for some time now, but these muffins tasted…. different. I wouldn’t really call myself full even after eating a bunch of them! I shall neither confirm nor deny that the fact most of the food just fell out of my chest cavity may be related to this issue.

Nevertheless I was thankful to Remixt for the free food. In order to repay him, I wanted to help him in his quest for collecting some pumpkins on the far-west. This farming land was further away from Brill, and thus was not affected by the Plague as badly as the previous one. The human farmers – guarded by the Scarlet Warriors – were raising these huge pumpkins.

I stood by Remixt while he looted the pumpkins, and then we then made our way to the tower in the north. The area was teeming with Scarlet warriors! They were dangerously close to Deathknell, and having control of the tower meant that they could see or signal ships approaching the shore. We went in and started to climb the tower, hoping to secure some of their valuables.

Unfortunately the scarlets had left us nothing to loot. We searched for their corpses for anything salvageable, and used our Hearthstones to head back to Brill to report our victory. By selling the few pelts I skinned, I could finally train how to properly bandage myself.

I realized that taking the Maggot Eye head on could be a dangerous task, so I ditched my two-handed sword and bought a sword and a shield. Remixt was even nice enough to provide me with some silver. Maybe the humanity was not dead after all.

As per my original plan, we went to the Gnoll-infested lands north of Brill. On our venture, we came across an abandoned shack. Sadly this place too was devoid of any loot, aside from few molted cheese in a container. After fighting our way of what seemed to be endless waves of Gnolls, we finally spotted him. The creature that caused so much misery to the people of Brill. The Maggot Eye. Although he was guarded with few Gnolls just outside of his hut, him and his minions were no match against Gallow and Remixt.

The hut was built on the edges of a sloping cliff, overlooking the shore. The shore was overrun by murlocs. The murlocs are water-loving fish-like creatures, so rarely do they venture into inlands. They were far enough to pose little to no threat to Forsaken settlements. But still, I hate fish. The only good fish is either a dead fish, or a dying fish. Surely they outnumbered us one to hundred, but we had just killed the Gnoll leader, the ruthless Maggot Eye. What harm could these flimsy creatures do to us?

Remixt died.

Well….. Okay…. I mean… Okay.. Though we did manage to kill a rare murloc that was far too stronger than us! Still I cried over the loss of this forsaken mage who I became very fond of. Luckily for him, the graveyard was not far enough.

And… what is that.. TWO GREEN ITEMS?? A [Training Sword of Stamina] that does triple the damage of my current weapon! Remixt was too good for me, he just handed me the weapon with no expectations. He was too good for the entire world. I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you, Remixt. He had a heart of gold, for sure.

I wanted to see how good of a weapon this Training Sword was on some murlocs, however Remixt had different ideas….


After returning to Brill, we reported our victories on the Gnolls and murlocs. The Maggot Eye was a threat no more. We took a well-deserved rest.

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    1. It’s the man himself! For sure my man! Shame that you won’t be on Oceanic servers, but if you ever do you are always welcome in our guild.


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