#4 Dealing with the Scarlet Crusade

The Scarlet Crusade is a fanatical religious sect that evolved from the Knights of the Silver Hand, dedicated to the eradication of the undead from Lordaeron. A major adversary of the Forsaken and Scourge, their name has become synonymous with corruption and extremism, and several quests in Tirisfal Glades involve attacks on Scarlet Crusade troops, leaders, and strongholds.

Concerning the Scarlet Crusade

I may have halted the Scourge problem of Tirisfal Glades, but the human threat was still lingering. In the sealed letter I’d recovered from the scarlet camp back in Deathknell, I learned that the Scarlet Crusade has assigned Captain Perrine and a brigade to the ruined tower southwest of Brill. The tower was no longer functional, but it was still serving as a recuperation zone for the scarlet zealots and missionaries. Even Varimathras, the lieutenant to the Dark Lady, was personally interested in this old watchtower, as its close proximity to the Undercity tunnels was an issue.

Say no more, Varimathras.

After dealing with Captain Perrine and his gang, I headed back to Brill once again. Now would be a good time to evaluate the current situation, so I grabbed some maps from the town hall and prepared the following.

The Scarlet Crusade has a total of 5 outposts and one spy camp in Tirisfal Glades. The one in Deatknell, the spy camp, was gathering information on the two nearby Forsaken settlements; Deathknell and Brill. They were undermanned and weak, yet the information they have gathered was serious enough to warrant a swift action, so we have dealt with them in Chapter #1. I’ve marked this with a small skull near Deathknell.

The first stronghold, Crusader’s Outpost, was located towards the north of Solliden Farmstead. This outpost was fortified with Scarlet Warriors, and the guard tower overlooking the Great Sea meant that this location would have to be destroyed as well. Remixt the Forsaken Mage and I took upon this dangerous task, and have culled the entire Scarlet forces in Chapter #2. I’ve marked this with a small skull just above the Solliden Farmstead.

The ruined watchtower just near the Undercity tunnels was also crippled, which again was marked with a small skull on the map, just next to Undercity. However there were still 2 more outposts, and… the Scarlet Monastery.

I had heard rumors about the Monastery before, yet I’d not dared venture close. The townsfolk at Brill never liked talking about this place. Any questions regarding the monstery would be met with an awkward silence. All the hearsay would only make more more interested, but somehow I never even made it to the torches lighting up the slope. There was this constant feeling of uneasiness that I couldn’t shake off. Simply bone-chilling.

Instead, I focused on the two remaining smaller outposts; one towards the south of Scarlet Monastery, and the other one just to its west. I went after Captain Vachon to the south first.

Nothing was too out of the ordinary, except for a treasure chest. In it it had some stale bread and water, as well a couple of fishes and some linen cloth. The fish was surprisingly still good. Captain Vanchon tasted better, however. I figured that the Scarlets had caught some fish from the nearby lake, so after dealing with the remainder of friars I went to check the lake. The sun was already setting.

Ensanguining the skies
How heavily it dies
Into the west away;
Past touch and sight and sound
Not further to be found,
How hopeless under ground
Falls the remorseful day.

Sadly I had no fishing poles with me… So my attempts at trying to just scare the fish with my rotten body, hoping that they would just jump out of water… did not work very well.

I really needed to buy some fishing rods. Perhaps I should pay a visit to the Undercity sometime. I hear they have a fishing trainer there even.

Yet this was not the time! The final remaining scarlet outpost was still there, so Executor Zygand had one final quest for me; assassinating Captain Melrache and his bodyguards. Past Faol’s Rest and next to the Scarlet Monastery, this outpost would be by far the deadliest one.

The way to the outpost was crawling with the Scarlets. After getting ambushed and fighting my way slowly towards the ruined tower, I was able find and kill one of Melrache’s bodyguards. However Melrache himself was nowhere to be seen. Was he hiding? Was he on a patrol?

Stay back! STAY BACK!

Damn you!!! Sigh.. at least the graveyard was close.

I enjoyed ripping his heart out this time around. I even ate him even though I wasn’t hungry. That would teach the other Scarlets never to mess with Gallow. That’s right you Scarlet scum, run away from me. Run to your friends! SEE IF THEY CAN DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! HA-HAH-HA-HAHA! POWER TO THE FORSAKEN! ALL HAIL THE FORS….. Uh oh…

Well this time the graveyard was literally next to my corpse. Carefully I went back and looted my stolen items, and ran back to Brill to report on my flawless victory.

It was time to update my map. So I sat down on one of the tables in the townhall, pulled out my pen and ink, and updated it.

The Scarlet Crusaders had lost all their outposts in Tirisfal Glades. A huge victory for the Forsaken.

Only the Scarlet Monastery remained. I swore that I would one day return to that place. But for now, Brill was finally safe.

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