#1 The Foundation [Guild]

During my journey in Tirisfal Glades, one thing really struck with me. The world out there was grim, drab and lonely. Danger was just waiting around the corner; creatures made out of flesh and bone, apparitions that chill you to your core, diseased beasts lurking in the shadows, and more.

Yet whenever I was adventuring together with other fellow forsaken, it not only made me feel safer, but it also gave me a sense of… belonging. I wanted to help out others the same way. Not in exchange of gold or glory, but just for the sake of helping them. Make them feel… belonged. Surely, I wasn’t alone in thinking this.

So I went to Undercity, the fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron. The city had fallen to the plague some time ago, and with its citizens gone, the Forsaken had claimed it as their own.

After getting lost in its intertwined elevators and tunnels, I found the Guild Master. Merely salvaging a grand total of 10 silver, I bought a Guild Charter.

In order to register a guild, Christopher the Guild Master needed 9 other signatures. Few people had already shown interest in the guild, but not enough to register the charter. So I went back to Deathknell.

I finally had enough signatures. So I headed back, and handed the scroll back to Christopher.

Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats was founded.

See here for Guild Information, and here for our Code of Conduct.

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