#5 The journey to Sepulcher

In Brill, Apothecary Johaan of the <Royal Apothecary Society> had asked me to deliver his findings to Sepulcher; a makeshift base of operations located in Silverpine Forest. Johaan was working on a new plague to wipe out the Scourge in Tirisfal Glades, and wanted to share what he had learned so far with the surrounding areas.

After consulting with others in Gallow’s End Tavern, I learned that the road to Sepulcher was notoriously dangerous. Rabid wolves and bears were roaming freely too close to the road. There were even rumors of something called the Worgen; half human half wolf creatures. Even though Deathguards were patrolling the woods, misadventures were common for the weary traveler.

So in order to prepare for the journey ahead, I headed to Undercity to learn how to fish and cook. As expected, the green slimy waters of the Undercity canals did not yield me with any useful fish so I went to a lake just north-west of Brill. There I caught a few dozen fish and cooked them real nice. They tasted a bit better than conjured food. I was grateful for that.

I also learned how to mine ores and minerals, hoping to sell them in exchange for more silver. Money was certainly becoming an issue far quicker than I thought. Eager to carry more loot however, I did buy some bags with my final silver, and made my way to Silverpine Forest.

I was greeted by the evergreen pine trees, stretched out as far as the eye can see. The atmosphere was grim and dark, not much different than Tirisfal Glades. The road was paved with flattened limestone with weed growing out of its cracks. From the looks of it this used to be an old trade route. I was told to stick with this path, heading south until it branches to the west. That’s where Sepulcher would be.

Something else caught the corner my eye. To the right and next to the hills, two forsaken corpses were lying not far from each other. A wolf was roaming further down.

Just south of Undercity and to my left was a lake; unsurprisingly occupied by Murlocs. There was also a keep on an island. I wondered about the unspoiled loot that one could find there, however I was just done fishing and I did not want to provoke Murlocs with so many fish in my bags. That would be like killing tons of gnomes and carrying their puny little heads on my belt… and just casually walking to Gnomeregan.

Against my better judgement I went near the wolves to the right. I was moving away from the main road, but I tried keeping track of where I was in order to not get lost. Plus, the hills had numerous copper mines for me to gather, and I could use the wolf meat to cook some food. After killing half a dozen or so wolves, I stumbled upon a cabin. It looked empty at first.

Something was not right. Someone, or something was living here. The hearth was still on, and there were bits of freshly cut wolf meat on the table. I should have known better than going into an empty cabin in the woods! I quickly went back to the road and called for some backup.

We cleared some wolves and secured the perimeter around the shack. A forsaken named Erland appeared. He was hiding behind the shack; timid in movement. He needed our aid to get past the hungry wolves. He urgently needed to report to his teammate Rane located in a nearby farmhouse.

We gathered few more forsaken, and started to escort Erland. Much to our dismay, Erland appeared far too eager to attack any wolf in sight. His fool’s courage almost got us into trouble, but it was nothing we couldn’t manage. We did get some silver for our troubles, so I guess the fool was at least an honest fool.

It was starting to get dark already, and I really did not want to be out in the forest in the middle of the night. The farmhouse was nice and all, but the nearby scourge and the lack of a door did not actually spell out WELCOME… I decided to head for Sepulcher.

Thanks to Erland and his antics, I had already lost where the main road was, so I went further west closer to the sea, hoping to find a pathway leading to Sepulcher. I instead stumbled upon an abandoned mine. It was teeming with spiders, and this was definitely not the correct way. A kind priest told me to back and head south afterwards.

After trekking over some hills and getting fending off some bears, I saw a farmhouse in the distance. Was this Sepulcher?

It most certainly wasn’t. The farm was overrun by undead gnolls! I hoped that the death of Maggot Eye would prevent the gnoll issue, or at the very least slow their advances. It seemed that Maggot Eye’s fate had no influence here. As much as I wanted to intervene, I was running out of food and the moon was slowly starting to rise. I needed to find Sepulcher.

It was at this moment. A growl, no, a howl. What was left of my blood froze in my veins, and I felt a shiver down my Forsaken-spine. Trying to stay downwind, I peeked around a large tree.

Standing hunched over, the creature was sniffing the air, possibly looking for a prey. Sharp claws, a thick mane, and a terrible… terrible smell. So it was true. The Worgen actually did exist.

I slowly circled around the pit, moving cautiously not to make any noise. Luckily the beast was too preoccupied to notice me. After a while I came to an opening and managed to spot the bathandler. I had finally arrived at Sepulcher.

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