#2 Ragefire Chasm [Guild]

Beneath the city of Orgrimmar lies this fiery chasm. Recently, a clan of troggs known as Ragefire Troggs have begun to appear in the chasm, from deep below the lava-filled tunnels. Magatha Grimtotem, of the tauren people, attempted to make peace with these creatures, but was met only with hostility. It was clear that these troggs were not interested in diplomacy, and could potentially overwhelm the entire Horde if left unchecked.

A sect of the mysterious Shadow Council has also taken refuge in this chasm. This sect is known as the Searing Blade, and is led by Taragaman the Hungerer, a felguard; Jergosh the Invoker, a powerful warlock; and Bazzalan, a satyr. From their dark hiding place, they plot to overthrow and destroy all that the Horde has built for themselves in these lands.

History of Ragefire Chasm

Log entry – 29 August, 2019.

Guild Participants

  • Bom, the Forsaken Priest of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>
  • Dotalicious, the Forsaken Warlock of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>
  • Gallow, the Forsaken Warrior of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>
  • Sinnest, the Orc Hunter of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>


  • Ergo, the Forsaken Mage

The journey started with me taking the zeppelin just outside Brill. The zeppelin is run by goblins, and can be used a fast travel option between Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

Once at Durotar, I asked a nearby guard for the location of their capital city. The Orc guard did not seem all too enthusiastic to be talking to a Forsaken, but nevertheless complied with my request.

This was my first time in Orgrimmar, and I must admit the city was quite impressive. The Orcs did not really have an eye for aesthetics, but their reinforced walls were more than enough to get the job done. The horde banners and spiked barricades were everywhere to be found, and their guards were armed with heavy melee weapons. I wasn’t sure why my help would be needed in this Ragefire Chasm, but I was simply answering a call; I didn’t linger on it.

After grabbing the flight path, I made my way to Thrall who briefed me about the traitors hiding in Skull Rock; a cave just east of Orgrimmar. Before heading down to find out more information on these traitors however, I first wanted to reach the Tauren capital city; Thunder Bluff. Despite my efforts the Wyvern master would not let me fly there directly. That bastard.

So I started running. Thinking back I should have packed lighter; Durotar was hot! After running for what seemed like an eternity, I soaked my sweaty bones in the cold rivers running between Durotar and Barrens. The crocodiles on either side were not too interested in me. Something to do with my sweaty bones I figured.

For a while I kept running south as the day became the night. Passing by Crossroads and Camp Taurajo, I stopped by the Tauren settlement to catch my breath and keep myself warm in the surprisingly chilly Barrens night. I had finally reached Mulgore and made my way to Thunder Bluff. The evening was cold but the hospitality of the Tauren made it feel so much warmer. After answering the Tauren’s call to aid in Ragefire Chasm, I spent the night in one of their tents. I could see the stars from the little opening on the top.

The next morning I packed for Durotar again and took the Wyvern taxi from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar; it was quite cheap all things considered!

Once there I went straight to Skull Rock to aid Thrall’s quest to find traitors in his ranks.

Bom, Dotalicious and Sinnest were already at the gates of the chasm, waiting for me. I felt bad for making everyone wait, so I used some of my forsaken charm to convince everyone that I was worth the wait.

Things were going pretty great! I was able to hold off the creatures and let my teammates attack them freely. Even equipped with cloth gear, our amazing healer was not complaining about my frail bones getting crushed even more easily. People were focused! We crossed an opening, and were greeted by the hostile Ragefire Troggs.

The tauren had special hatred for these troggs; even Rahauro in Thunder Bluff had asked us to kill a handful of them. He was also wondering the fate of a fellow tauren going by the name of Maur Grimtotem. We made our way through waves of endless troggs, and climbed a little slope by the scorching lava.

The lifeless body of a tauren was lying on the ground, guarded by a larger trogg. Unfortunately Maur hadn’t made it.

The large trogg was not that much of an issue, however we were faced with another boss. Something much, much larger and harder to defeat.

[SERVER] Shutdown in 15:00



We ran and we ran… Barely made to Taragaman with only few minutes to spare. Luckily he went down quickly and we were able to get its heart. We couldn’t get to Jergosh or Bazzalan, but at least Taragaman was dead. Orgrimmar was safe… for now.

Afterwards, unorganized as it may seem, we even did a little victory pose.

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