#3 A random encounter [Guild]

Right after our victory in Ragefire Chasm, I reported to Thunder Bluff about the eradication of the troggs, as well as the fate of Maur Grimtotem. The taurens were delighted to know about the news for troggs, however understandably upset about Maur.

The wind was blowing gently into the silent night. It was a good change of temperature after the lava-filled cave, so I decided to just relax and simply fish. The sound of the bauble bouncing in the water was therapeutic.

There were others in the same area. A young tauren caught the corner of my eye, so I stroke up a conversation.

Mooller of the Tauren, was his name. We just stood side by side for a while, fishing blissfully. He then traded me a shield – out of the blue! It was even looking sturdier than what I was using, so I was grateful for this act of selfishness. I tried to give something back in return, but he was too kind to accept anything.

I then pondered about this random act of kindless. This is exactly the type of person our guild would need! So I asked him, whether he wanted to be a part of us and continue spreading the good vibe.

And that was that! With that, we had just received a new Adventurer. Mooller the Tauren. Welcome to the guild!

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