#7 Dealing with the Gnolls

Few weeks after our final blow to Arugal, I noticed the diminishing worgen population in Silverpine Forest. According to some reports, they were taking refuge beyond Greymane Wall; in a large peninsula named Gilneas. Some forsaken disputed this however, saying that Gilneas has not been allowing anyone in or out since the Second War, and the Greymane Wall was shut down for good.

By this time I knew well enough not to trust either reports fully, so I went to check it myself. Despite its age, the great wall looked well maintained. Furthermore it was closed shut with no guards to be seen on either side. Some hostile alliance were taking refuge just outside of the gate, but for the rest the area was eventless. There was no sign of anyone going in or out, not anytime soon at least.

The Sepulcher had one less enemy perhaps, but it was by no means safe. The risen gnolls were harassing the weakened forsaken.

To put an end to gnolls in Silverpine, High Executor Hadrec sent me the small farm just north of Sepulcher. I had stumbled upon this farm on my way to Sepulcher, so I knew where to find it easily.

The farm was haunted by a banshee named Nightlash, which would only appear if we angered her enough. With the help of few strangers, we started massacring the gnolls to draw Nightlash’s attention. She died faster than she appeared.

Next, I went to Decrepit Ferry. Hadrec believed that the scourge invasion in Silverpine had originally arrived from the lonely island on the lake; Fenris Island. I went east to find any clues. After carefully making my way to the ferry, I came across a pile of wrapped corpses.

A hand of a young woman protruded among the corpses, bearing the marks of a plague yet still relatively fresh. A golden ring was on her finger, with the following engraving:

“For Deliah”

Back in Sepulcher, Hadrec seemed preoccupied. He believed that this body was stolen from the mass graves in Tirisfal! The gnolls were taking the corpses to the island! We had to go to this island, and eradicate the gnolls once and for all!

Yet, at the same time… what should I do with this ring? Toss it back to the pile of corpses? Sell it for few silver? No… This had belonged to someone. Perhaps Magistrate Sevren back in Brill would have records of the recent deaths. Perhaps he knew who Deliah was. Would her husband care for a sentiment back from.. when they were humans? I did not know. I headed back to Brill to find out.

Back in Brill, not much had changed. Now that the pressure from gnolls, undead and the scarlet fanatics had died down, the forsaken seemed a bit more relieved. I headed in the Town Hall and checked with Sevren.

Sevren checked the records, and was able to find a Deliah. Recently deceased. Cause of death: Unknown. Her husband, Raleigh, was living in Undercity.

Standing next to a cooking fire, Raleigh looked at me expressionlessly.

“Yes, this ring was my wife’s. Her fate was the fate of all who fail to endure these harsh times. I feel nothing for her death, nor for the story you tell of her body’s abduction.

Such feelings have long since grown cold within me. But desire does still burn in my dead heart, Gallow.

Desire for revenge.”


The official records said that the cause of death was unknown. Yet Raleigh knew that she was murdered at the hands of his once good friend; Valdred. Why Raleigh choose not to disclose this in her death report, I did not know. Something in his eyes was warning me not to ask any further questions. So I didn’t. Raleigh asked for me to kill Valdred and bring his hands.

Valdred was last seen trying to flee into Gilneas. He probably didn’t know that the gates were sealed. The fool. He didn’t even fight back when I approached him, perhaps he knew his fate was already sealed. Rather than live with shame, he opted for the mercy of my blade. I admired that.

“Here, take the ring you returned earlier. Deliah has been dead to me for so long, her ring is a bauble I no longer care to keep. Instead, I will keep these hands as a remembrance of my friend’s betrayal.”

Raleigh upon returning Valdred’s hands

I felt sorry for Raleigh as I took back the ring I gave him. He seemed more interested in examining the pair of bloody hands than the ring he once gave to his wife. As I took the bat ride back to Sepulcher, I wondered how the relationship between these three people came to this point.

Back in Sepulcher the preparations for the assault on Fenris Island was finally over. The study on the rot hide gnolls had revealed that they were created by a mage called Thule Ravenclaw. He was residing on the fortified keep on the island; surrounded by the hordes of gnolls doing his bidding.

Hadrec had thankfully prepared some sharpening stones and armor kits for me. I crafted some bandages, placed few potions on my belt, and cooked the wolf meat I collected earlier, and went to the island.

The assault had already began. Members of the horde were already attacking the gnolls on the gnolls outside of the walls. After grouping up with them, we went into the keep and made our way to upstairs.

Thule was standing in the final room, full of bodyguards. After some pretty close calls with several of our members, we killed Thule and separated his head from his body.

Speaking of severed heads, we found another one in one of the gnolls and … – what the hell?! This head was talking! Somewhat intrigued (and frightened), I asked the head what in the bloody hell he was. His name was Alaric, once Thule’s head servant (heh) and bodyguard, he was beheaded by him and given to the gnolls as a plaything!

Trying to suppress my laughter, I asked if there was anything we could do for this head. He wanted to be buried next to his body; an unmarked grave here in Fenris Keep. The head was grateful for finally being reunited with his body, and told us a secret hiding place back in the keep.

Thule was keeping a special magic wand, woven together from the apprentice wands each mage possessed. The gnolls were not clever enough to make use of a magic wand, but I didn’t want to risk it so we went back inside and found the wand. I was sure someone in Undercity would be very interested in this.

Upon returning Thule’s head to Hadrec, he presented me with an option to choose between a crappy dress and a crappy sword. I went with the sword.

My time in Silverpine Forest was coming to an end. The worgen and gnoll threats were eliminated, and my help was surely needed elsewhere. I was told to follow the road to Hillsbrad Foothills. I remembered that place back when I was… a human. It was a nice and peaceful, quiet farmland. I wondered if it was still the same.

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