#4 Wailing Caverns [Guild]

In years past, a night elf druid named Naralex discovered a network of underground caverns within the heart of the Barrens. Dubbed the ‘Wailing Caverns’, these natural caves were filled with steam fissures which produced long, mournful wails as they vented.

Naralex believed he could use the caverns’ underground springs to restore lushness and fertility to the Barrens – but to do so would require siphoning the energies of the fabled Emerald Dream.

Once connected to the Dream however, the druid’s vision somehow became a nightmare. Soon the Wailing Caverns began to change – the waters turned foul and the once-docile creatures inside metamorphosed into vicious, deadly predators.

It is said that Naralex himself still resides somewhere inside the heart of the labyrinth, trapped beyond the edges of the Emerald Dream. Even his former acolytes have been corrupted by their master’s waking nightmare – transformed into the wicked Druids of the Fang.

History of Wailing Caverns

Log entry – 31 August, 2019.

Guild Participants

  • Belzi, the Troll Mage of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>
  • Dotalicious, the Forsaken Warlock of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>
  • Gallow, the Forsaken Warrior of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>
  • Scatty, the Orc Shaman of <Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats>


  • Dirtywater, the Tauren Warrior

The journey started with four guild members meeting in Crossroads. As I had already been to Crossroads (thanks to the long journey to Thunder Bluff), I was able to take a direct flight from Orgrimmar for few coppers.

Barrens was still hot during sundown. Equipped with potions, flasks, bandages and various food, we headed west to search for the Wailing Caverns. Soon enough we came across a large cave opening.

On top of the cave in a hidden alcove, were some taurens and night elves gathered around a camp fire. One needed some skins of the various creatures in the caves. I used the camp fire to cook some wolf meat and fish, and we entered the cave.

The air inside was freezing cold. I was sure that few unlucky adventurers looking for a refuge from the sun had met their demise in this very place; as elite monsters roaming around in its shadows were looking for an easy prey. It would not be out of the ordinary for a weary traveler to get ambushed here.

With this in mind, we went deeper and deeper into the cavern. A Disciple of Naralex was inside. He graciously buffed us with Mark of the Wild. He was looking to awaken Naralex from his nightmare, but for this he needed our aid. We had to kill the four Leaders of the Fang first.

We fought with various beasts in the labyrinths of the Wailing Caverns; poisonous vipers, multiplating ectoplasms, raptors with claws sharp as blades, shapeshifting druids and giant shamblers. This place was considerably harder than our previous adventure in Ragefire Chasm.

Yet where there is adversary, there is loot. We were rewarded with many great upgrades.

After a long hour of getting lost, getting loot and getting lost again, we had slain all four leaders. Our final obstacle before awaking Naralex was Verdan the Everliving; a giant bog beast.

You know when they say “Size doesn’t matter?” Well that is a big fat lie, as when it came to this dude, his size DID matter. Caution for future travelers; HE HITS HARD! Bring some potions!

With Verdan out of the way, we jumped through the small tunnel behind him and tracked back to the entrance. The disciple was waiting patiently. After hearing the news of the defeated leaders, he guided us to the chamber of Naralex.

The caverns did NOT want Naralex to be awakened, that was for sure. Soon after the disciple started his awakening magic, monstrous beings started emerging from the depths of the waters! Crocolisks, vipers, ectoplasms… and… IS THAT A GIANT MURLOC? ARGHH I HATE FISH!

Chaotic as it may have been, the giant murloc did not stand a chance against the brave Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats. He even dropped a great Breastplate for me. How generous!

And with that, the Wailing Caverns was completed. Naralex had finally awoken from his nightmare. Even though the caverns were now empty, I felt as if a presence was still there. I hoped it was benign.

Bonus picture: I’ve met the legend on my way outside.

Coming soon!

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