#9 Battle of Hillsbrad

Trained in advanced fishing, cooking and first aid, I sharpened my blade and finally made my way to Hillsbrad Foothills. The road to Tarren Mill was straightforward, and even though I came across hostile wildlife, it wasn’t much of a risk.

Tarren Mill was a shabby settlement; it was merely equipped with an overbooked inn for the weary traveler, an old church, few small houses and a hardly-functioning barn. Lacking any fortified walls, the once-human town was now used by the Forsaken in their constant battle against the living, serving as a base of operations for the domination of Hillsbrad.

My first assignment was to kill members of the Syndicate. They were amassing in the ruins of Durnholde Keep nearby, and were a clear threat to the Forsaken. Furthermore they had taken some orc prisoners, so time was of the essence. I made my way to the destroyed keep, and killed as many Syndicate members as I could. The prisoners were also found unharmed.

My next task was raiding the Hillsbrad Fields. The orders were clear; quell the human infestation in entire Hillsbrad. Apparently the Forsaken apothecaries were working on developing something called “the new plague” to use in their battle against the scourge. I vaguely recalled being asked to gather herbs and conduct some experiments in Tirisfal and Silverpine, but I never cared to stop and ask why. I was just following the orders without much though. All I cared that I was being paid. I knew well enough never to ask needless questions.

The first trip into the fields required of disrupting the food supply and infrastructure. This sounded like a dangerous task, so I sought the help of Washoi, the Orc Rogue of Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats. Three other adventurers in Tarren Mill also joined us, and we ventured west.

The fields were a bloodbath. Two alliance ?? players were protecting their farmers. While the horde members outnumbered the alliance players, this meant that we had to stick together in everywhere we go. As the leader of the party, it was my task to ensure the safety of my group.

More and more alliance players were arriving at the fields, which meant recruiting more horde players. With some coordination, we ended up having 3 separate teams of 5 players doing quests, and killing the alliance.

We ended up moving between Tarren Mill and the fields couple of times. Each time attacking a different part of the fields, reporting back for some silver, and going back to the fields once again.

Sadly the rush of the moment, the stress of leading a party, and getting one shot vs. zerging 1v15 meant I have no actual screenshots of my first PvP. So this will have to suffice:

It was already very late and after our work was done in the fields, our party members said their goodbyes and I was left alone. I headed down to the mines to finish what we had started. The miners – protected by guards – proved to be quite a challenge for a lone warrior. I started noticing the wear and tear on my weapon and armor, and most importantly my staff was failing to do much damage.

As slow as it was, the mines were relatively quiet so I stayed a bit longer than usual to gather some cloth and ore. By the time I was done, the sun was already shining. I went back to Tarren Mill and much to my surprise, I was awarded with a headpiece! It was made by using cloth only, but it was better than nothing!

On the quest of ridding Hillsbrad from the humans, our final task was raiding the elite fortress of dwarves; Dun Garok. This required a full party of 5 people, none of whom were fully prepared. Our party wiped several times.

After a long battle full of wipes, illogical respawns and total chaos, the dwarves were slain. I had learned much from my time in Hillsbrad; from the intricate details of leading a group to staying positive in the face of certain death.

Now that the Forsaken had control over Hillsbrad, my time in here was coming to an end. I went back to the inn at Tarren Mill to grab a bite. As I was looking at my map for places I could go, a conversation happening upstairs piqued my interest.

“There is no way that it’s possible!” said one Orc in despair. “I can’t even kill the Bloodscalps for their tusk. How am I supposed to get the elementals?”
“You just need friends in high places, orc.” replied a deep voice.
“Will you help me then?”
The deep voice let out a cows Moooo and walked away laughing. The towering Tauren was in full plate armor, wielding a massive two-handed axe.

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