#10 The Grimtotem mystery

After the brief encounter at the Tarren Mill inn, I started asking around about this fabled axe. Rumor had it that only the bravest of all could obtain such raw might; being a reward from a quest that spanned multiple zones and continents, full of monsters powerful beyond one’s imagination.

However I was apparently not quite ready for this epic journey. The warrior trainer stared at me with a blank face when I inquired about this weapon, which I could only assume meant “lul get better scrub“.

So I did! The Tauren had always been treating me kindly. I figured I could at least repay their kindness by giving them a helping hand. The Tauren tribes in Thousand Needles were under constant attack by the Grimtotems and centaurs, and were looking for any adventurers who happened to venture that way.

At the southmost point of the Barrens stood The Great Lift. Guarded by two tauren warriors, this lift served as the only gateway between the Barrens and Thousand Needles. One of the tauren – Moonhorn – gave me an urgent message to be sent to Freewind Post.

Urgent message to Cliffwatcher Longhorn

A large Centaur force from Camp E’thok have raided one of our supply caravans. All members of the caravan were lost as well as all supplies. This was a bold, unprecedented attack by the Centaurs and I fear there may be more.

I navigated around the various centaur camps and made my way to Freewind Post. This settlement was impressively built on a daunting mountain. The only way in or out was the lift, or the horde-operated wyvern flight master. Much like other tauren settlements, the choice to build on tall mountains had little to do with aesthetics but was done more as a strategic move; the centaurs could not climb steep places.

After reporting to the taurens, my first mission was to pacify near centaurs. I’ve quickly dispatched the Galak clan and killed some scours, wranglers and windchasers.

The next step was to find out clues on what the Grimtotem taurens were up to. The Grimtotem tribe had risen quickly in power, and were able to buy off some of the disloyal taurens and add them to their ranks. There had to be some explanation for this sudden change. For this I was told to go to Darkcloud Pinnacle. The Grimtotem tribe, as well as their leader Arnak Grimtotem would be residing here. The sun had fittingly set as I came close to Darkcloud Pinnacle.

There I managed to group up with some people and we searched the Grimtotem huts for any clues. We were able to locate three letters, all addressed to someone named Agasham.


Our plans must be kept secret at all costs! It will be disasterous if the other tauren tribes discover our affiliation.

Harbinger Elm


Working together, our forces will be more powerful than all of the tauren tribes put together! Yet, we require your total obedience. Remember, your people will be rewarded only after our plans come to fruition!

Harbinger Rex


Our agents from Lordaeron will meet with your delegates, soon. We will notify you once we’ve found an appropriate location for our summit.

Harbinger Grakus

Just who were these Harbingers? One of the letters had mentioned “agents from Lordaeron”, was it referring to… us? The Forsaken? Or was it the scourge? Also, who was this Agasham?

These were the questions for which I had no answers. All I knew was that this advance had to be stopped, and getting rid of their leader would be a devastating blow to the Grimtotems.

After trailing on wooden bridges, we found Arnak hiding all the way back in the cliffs. Together with his guards they swarmed our party, but we were able to deal with them in no time.

Once we killed Arnak, a female tauren showed herself. Her name was Lakota Windsong. Arnak wanted to marry her but since she refused, she was kidnapped by him in the middle of the night. Lakota’s brother had tried to stop Arnak, but he was slain by him. Lakota and her brother had grown up together and his brother was everything to him. Broken, scared and alone, poor Lakota simply wanted to go back to Freewind Post.

Naturally our party escorted her back to safety. She was slow and calculated in her movement as to not draw much attention. Once we arrived to safety, we were each given a choice of an item that belonged to her brother as a reward. I knew that this was an enormous gesture by her, and I’ve told her that I will treasure this piece of armor forever.

Right as Lakota went inside to rest, I vendored her brothers cape for 12 silvers and 7 coppers.

… Hey… don’t give me that look! I need to eat too…

I also reported about the fall of Arnak and the mysterious notes I had found. The village elders thanked me for my service, and that was the end of it. I wondered if I would ever learn the mysterious figures’ true identity.

I went back to the Pinnacle to kill the remaining taurens. I stayed there until sunrise and by the time I was done, I felt strong enough for my next challenge; the fabled Axe. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the cool breeze for a while. I think I was ready.

Coming soon!

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