Code of Conduct

Dungeon etiquette

  • Ask someone before you invite them to a party.
  • There are no summoning stones in Classic; unless there is a Warlock + 2 other members next to the instance portal, everyone needs to run. For dungeons with elite mobs before the instance portal (Example: Wailing Caverns, Blackfathom Depths), move as a party as most people will not be able to solo past them.
  • Set the loot rules clearly before venturing off. The general rule of thumb is:
    Need: Item is an upgrade for your current spec (healer/tank/dps).
    Greed: You want to vendor / disenchant the item.
    Pass: You don’t care for the item.
    Main/offspec rules: If you are in the dungeon as a DPS, and a tank/healer item drops, ask if the current tank/healer needs the item. If they do, do not click need.
  • Ideally, how to handle BoE (Bind on equip) blues/epics should be discussed on mid-high level content before the dungeon starts.
  • If any specific items are reserved, let others know before they join.
  • Never ninja loot (Ninja-looting refers to taking an item while not intending to use it, or using it for an off-spec)!
  • Roll before looting a chest or container. If you see a chest during combat, wait until combat is over before announcing your discovery and making your roll (“Roll for chest”). The winner should open the chest.
  • If you see a mining node / herb, ask if there are other miners / herbalists in the party before going off and taking it. Also, wait for combat to finish and be mindful of pulling additional mobs while looting.
  • Unless it’s an emergency, do not leave parties in the middle of a dungeon. Make sure you can commit the time before you start a run.
  • Do not push the tank to go faster at a dungeon (“GO GO GO!”). They could be new players, or new to tanking, or less skilled in the game. Give them time to adjust.
  • Dungeons are slower and more prone to wiping in Classic. It may take time for old players to readjust, or new players to learn. Instead of flaming others for a mistake, simply tell them what they did wrong and how they can improve.
  • Hunters/Warlocks: Turn off Growl/Taunt from your pets, and dismiss the pets before jumping from a ledge. Pets cannot jump so they will instead run to your current location, often pulling unwanted monsters.
  • If you are unsure of anything (tactics, which way to go, how to handle items, patrolls, marking, etc.) don’t be afraid to ask! Everyone makes mistakes and as long as you are candid about it it’s no big deal.
  • Suggestion for tanks and healers, try to offer your services for free! This is one of the best ways to promote our guild (and make friends)!

Open world etiquette

  • Buff other players!
  • If you see someone accidentally pulling multiple mobs, and/or is about to die, help them!
  • If you see a horde fighting mob(s) next to an herb/mining node, chances are they want to gather it. Do not swoop in and collect it.
  • Tip mages for their services. Casting a portal costs a Rune, which costs 18-20 silver to buy. It is customary to tip a little bit more than just the raw cost of the material. Tipping few silvers / gold for 3-4 stacks of food/water is a win-win for both parties; it costs you less vs. outright buying it from the vendor, and will help the mage for their time. Plus, you’ll soon make a lot of mage friends!
  • Ask someone before you open a trade window with them (obviously unless you are trading, or giving away free items). Do not beg for money.
  • Do not scam other players.
  • Do not use tactless, excessive profanity.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not engage in illegal activities (botting, gold buying/selling or hacking).

    Side note for PvP
  • Do not troll or grief other players, horde and alliance likewise. Attacking another alliance player is fair game, regardless of the situation. However killing a player over and over again with the intend to cause frustration (camping) could be considered griefing. While we won’t be enforcing this rule when it comes to World PvP, just remember the human being on the other side.
  • If you see another horde being ganked, help them!